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Zack is a recovering technical recruiter who traded sport his suit and tie in Silicon Valley for salsa music and a passion for writing in Medellin, Colombia.

When not writing for AllTheRooms you can find Zack with his nose in a book, puttering around nature, or getting ultra-competitive while watching Jeopardy.

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Last Updated on February 12, Get outside, get active, and get naked. If anything, naturists need to keep up an active lifestyle more than most other people, right?

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Living a life that constantly requires you to sport a birthday suit may mean you like to take extra care of your bod. While the most sport agreed upon pastime of nude enthusiasts is socializing in a cool but not too cold, ya know?

It Takes Balls: The Best Nudist Sports - AllTheRooms - The Vacation Rental Experts

Having said that, beach volleyball has a logical connection to the nudist community; sun, sand, and no strict number of participants make it beyonce porns welcoming game. Grab a rod!

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Fishing nudist a great activity for nudists because many fishing areas nudist like naturist communities — thrive on good weather. It also involves a strong element of relaxation, the option for a cold drink, and time in the sun. Again, a happy atmosphere combined with outdoor freedom and time to get tan usually is a good mixture for passionate nudists.