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These Orthodox Jewish women are stripping for the camera

Photo by Renata Bystritsky. The Bushwick basement, filled with the chatter of young artists and performers in silver tube tops and floral skirts, fell silent as a woman with a long black braid sat down on a large chair. To signal the beginning nudejewwomen her performance piece, she leaned over a prayer book, and began to sway.

I am an artist. Erenthal's performance was intensely, comprehensively personal.

Disturbing Photos Captured Inside The Jewish Ghettos Of The Holocaust

Her pre-recorded voice, which came through the loudspeaker in slightly accented, melodic sentences that came to sharp, uncertain ends, went on to explain how as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, she nudejewwomen taught that being modest nudejewwomen her greatest responsibility as a woman. Erenthal enumerated the strict laws of modesty that she was forced to adhere to: Erenthal stood and touched the costume she wore, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

Her face expressionless, Eurasian naked pic voice described a childhood plagued by the prohibition against nudity—even while changing clothes—and the modest bathing suit she had to wear at camp if she wanted to go swimming, called a "swim dress.

Photo via Flickr user Disparte. Nudejewwomen began to unbraid her hair while the voiceover described her flight from the community, her loneliness, her first time putting on pants.

These Orthodox Jewish women are stripping for the camera

She began to disrobe as she described her first pair of jeans, her difficulty finding her own sense of style, the difficulty of letting skin show for the first time, or letting people touch her body. Lifting a pair of shears, Erenthal started hacking away at nudejewwomen braid, and described how things got better over time. I started feeling more mrs puff xxx with my body," the voiceover said, as Erenthal unbuttoned and removed her pants.

I needed to let go of that stigma, that shame, associated with nudity.