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Nude witchblade cosplay

Even if you don't pay much attention witchblade the world of cosplay, you're no doubt aware that cosplayers are comfortable showcasing some pretty revealing attire.

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Maybe some wear those outfits because they enjoy showing off their body, or maybe they just happen to be drawn to characters who look like that. We have no issue with it either way since everyone has the prerogative to wear what they please.

Witchblade Costume Rendered In Body Paint Is About As Close To The Comic As It Gets

Or at least they do online. When it comes to stepping out in public, more than a few cosplayers have gotten in hot water for their hot outfits.

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Painful slave sex is the line drawn for what's okay to wear at a convention? What qualifies as a harmless racy outfit and what qualifies as taking things too far?

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We've collected some of nude most bold yet accurate cosplays we could find that either actually did get someone in trouble, or undoubtedly would have given the chance. Hey Guys: Because you like my Mystique Costume I write a quick review for you if you are interested in the suit: As I see that herostime produce a Costume for Mystic, I had to order it!

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The costume arrived in 2 Weeks after order. It's hero's time has diferent Cosplay for there Costumes. For the fabric I order the normal options.