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Nude wife deployed

The Essential List of Military Care Package Dos and Don'ts

Oh, I know what you are thinking. You mean you WANT us to send more a few naked pictures to our spouse while they are deployed? That is Phone sex transexual what I was expecting.

I used to think it was a stupid thing to do, but now I am all for it.

9 Unspoken Rules of FaceTiming Your Deployed Service Member

According to twitter and facebook, I was the odd man out on this subject. Nude pictures seem to be flying from here to Afghanistan in record numbers wife well, if that many people are doing it… it must be okay. Here we go… 6 reasons I think you should really consider sending those nude pictures the next time your spouse is gone: Remember the days when you had to put on a hat, scarf, and huge sunglasses just to take that roll of film down to the drugstore and nude it? And if you had naked pictures in there, you were guaranteed to get the creepy guy who drove a suspiciously empty ice cream truck as your developer.

5 Things I Wish I Knew before Deployment

Well, thanks to the internet… we can avoid that creepy guy altogether. Now, when you take those photos tante orgasm are just between you, your spouse… and deployed Cloud.


Age is not kind to the naked body. As we age gravity does cruel things. Those perky breasts you once loved will be in dire need of a belt when they are hanging around your waist. So take those pictures now and send them out.