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You've added this item to your cart. This maximum support Underbust Full Body Shaper upshorts smooth, upshorts and tone your mid section, bottom and thighs for a beautiful shape, Seamless technology means that this garment is kind to your skin and won't leave painful and itchy marks on your body. This is your secret weapon to make you look fabulous in any outfit! Detachable straps can be worn multiple ways: Use this guide to find your perfect fit from the B Free range.

Women's bodies come nude all different shapes and sizes so not everyone will sit perfectly within one size.

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Note that this can vary depending on your xxxgirlssquirt shape and personal preference. Nude size guide gives you the body measurements for standard Australian numerical sizes. Be sure to include your relevant body measurements and the style that you are interested in. Note that you do not need to select your cup size separately.

As long as your band and cup size is listed within the size group you select, the bra should be a comfortable fit for you. To measure yourself, nude cosplay kitty an unpadded bra and measure firmly without squeezing underneath the bust, and comfortably around the fullest part of your bust.