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Nude turky

I would like to visit again Turkey from Izmir to Kas. We will take a car nude and we are both nudist and do you know for any FKK beaches there? Thx for any help.

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Sorry but best keep the clothes on. Whilst there is nothing playgirls centerfolds with been nude I would always respect the country I was in and feel topless is pushing the limits let alone turky. Hello - excuse my ignorance, buy what does "FKK" mean?

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Free Kick off Knickers? If you put "nudist" or something into the search box, I am sure I have seen threads before about this - both in the Izmir area and Patara. Patara beach I know is large and long enough that you can go far enough away I mean from other people who might not turky what you are up to to enjoy it as a nudist.

Turkey's first nudist hotel Adaburnu-Golmar opens in May

I was in TurkeyI love their culture, way of the life and I heard that nude on the beach is forbidden. I was there 5 times BUT i heard that kind of beaches are in Turkey and they are just few of them and it is alowed to be naked. I nude there last year in it was PERFECT, people was warm, great, perfect, Turkish people are the best in the world but if it is possible to be naked, why not.