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Nude speedos

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I have always thought that nude bathing is best and swimming nude too is great and failing that due to social convention or to prevent snagging, speedos are great too. When bush camping and bush walking I always take the opportunity for a nude swim.

There is nothing nicer on a hot steamy night in the Aussie speedos than to take speedos glass of wine and descend to the river or lake naked.

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Then to go lie in the water for a while looking at the stars and feel the fresh water caressing ones naked body. And then in those public places like nude beach or public water holes, the speedos can be donned, which give one the feeling of being almost naked.

The classic snug speedo design of today first appeared nude girl lifeguard the late 50s to 60s. Prior to that there had been numerous controveries as people and particularly Australians, sought to unshackle themselves from the moors and restrictions of Victorian culture.

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The two piece swimsuits for women first appeared in the 30s but were not commonly regarded as decent. In fact the two piece bikini was banned by Aussie Beach Inspectors. Speedos are streamlined swimmers designed for speed. They eliminate the drag of boardies.

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But better than speedos is nude. At the moment I am staying with my sister at a religious conservative college in Taiwan. Hard to believe but swimming in speedos is frowned upon and a big issue for the conservative baptists and others here.

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Undeterred I swam in the school pool yesterday in my speedos.