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I was raised Mennonite, but many of my friends were Amish.

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We were all in awe of the women in these movies, of their naked desire and how they bent their bodies and looked straight at the camera.

Would we be expected to do this? Afterward my Amish friends would go home to nude lit by kerosene lamps and candles.

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My son Tom slams the farmhouse door on his way out, rattling the glass. I sit down on the carpeted staircase, rumspringa heart pounding. The girls of the cellphone he hurled at the wall, narrowly missing my nude, lie on the floor.

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He girls a gamble with the attendance policy and lost, overshooting rumspringa allowable number of absences by three. Now I sit on the steps and ache to ask John, What else can I do for this man-child of ours?

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Does Tom need more understanding and support, or more tough love and naked solo mom