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Nude posed

Thousands of life drawing pose photos

There's not a female nipple in sight on the Astor Place Plaza in lower Manhattan. But outside the New York offices of Facebook, which is also the parent company of Instagram, on a very early Sunday morning, nude men and women posed sporting a total of nipples. Each person is holding huge, blown-up photographs of male nipples to cover their genitalia.

They are here to be photographed by Spencer Tunick, an artist whose work depicts tens, hundreds, even thousands of naked bodies arranged as art.

Nude Poses

Tunick has done nude than 75 of nude installations—including one at the RNC called posed She Says Means Everything" —so he has it down to a science: Sun rises at 5: The participants and their nipple stickers cluster together and pose, faces serious, backs to the Facebook office, one nipple disc aloft and one over their private areas. Tunick's team yells at stalling taxi cabs and gawping bystanders to get sleeping boys naked of the shot; even at this unearthly hour, New York City isn't empty.

For another pose, the group faces the Facebook office, asses to Tunick.

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For a third, they lie on the nude mature sunbathers, dirty sidewalk. It's quick and efficient, the quiet punctured by calls from Tunick of "Nipples towards me!

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The participants, a wide range of genders, ages, and races, take the work seriously until after the final shot, when they cheer and hug. Later, artist and creative Melissa Marino, 43, tells me participating in the shoot was "peaceful. Together, Tunick and his subjects are creating an "art action" to bring attention to Facebook and Instagram's overtly gendered censorship of the female nipple.

The question that hangs in the air here is: