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Enter your email address in the box below to receive an email each time we post a new issue of our newsletter. Complete your personal wedding profile here Paul Rouse reveals all Depending on how you define the term, there are an estimatednaturists in the UK alone, whilst according to a recent British Naturism survey, 25 per cent of British people portugal gone skinny-dipping, and one in seven have sunbathed nude.

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The stereotype of the elderly naked eccentric is also a thing of the past. Nude line nude the current demographics of cruise nude, many of the new breed of naturist holidaymakers are typically aged 25 to 40, and it is a market that Portugal is starting to tap into.

The Algarve: a dream for nudists

What you do have however is a growing number of guest houses and campsites ideal for couples, families or groups of friends, as well as dozens of beaches where nudity is the order of the day, frequented by tourists who may be staying in non-naturist accommodation but who still want to go home with an all-over tan. Public nudity is not actually against the law in Portugal, and an offence is only committed if somebody feels morally offended and files a complaint — an unlikely occurrence.

So you can, in theory, go naked anywhere you want. However, as always, common sense should prevail. And whilst topless sunbathing is as common in Portugal as most places in southern Europe, you might cause offence going au naturel on many of the popular portugal busy beaches in the main towns and resorts - especially in August, when the whole icarly hd porn Portugal seems to decamp to the coast to cool off, often in large family groups complete with the pre-requisite black-shawled granny.


There are eight official naturist beaches in Portugal plus any number of others - from Porto in the north, around Lisbon, into the Alentejo and along the portugal stretch of the Indo naked nurse - where nudity is the norm, not just with foreign tourists but with the Portugal themselves.