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While every hot day is a good day to skinny dip, this Saturday is the official day to do it.

20 Fun Places to Get Naked and Chill in Oregon

Oregon has a few of those resorts, of course, but oregon are also plenty of other places to take a naked swim nude weekend. This list is taken from my men, more comprehensive guide to nude recreation, How to get naked in Oregon. But for those of you looking to just get in the water — to dip your toes into the world of buffing — here are a dozen places to do it. The one-mile beach on the northeast side of Sauvie Island is reserved as clothing optional.

How to get naked in Oregon: A statewide guide to nude recreation

The area is connected to the non-nude North Unit Beach, so be wary of gawkers and people who might be offended by your nudity. Head east on Interstate 84 past Troutdale to get to Rooster Rock State Parkthen walk over to the beautiful black teenagers side to find the popular nude beaches. The rest of the island is not clothing-optional, so be prepared to suit up as you walk back to your car.

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Officially, all federal land-management agencies have no rules on nudity in Oregon. Just be courteous and cover up if another hiker objects.