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I'm lying on my back nude a king-size bed at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City, wearing nothing nude hourglass women my underwear.

Next to me is a virgin I'll call James, an insanely attractive British guy think a younger Clive Owen I've had a crush on since we met last year. Hands down, he's the most handsome man I've ever seen nude up, not to mention naked.

"Yes, I'm a 27-Year-Old Virgin"

I sneak a peek at us in a massive mirror across from the bed and think, I like him—a lot—and I might have sex! Yet I'm still not sure I can go through with it. Old me explain: I'm a virgin.

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As a practicing Mormon, I'm supposed to wait until marriage to have sex. But not just intercourse. I'm really only allowed to kiss sitting up. Which means I'm definitely not supposed to be in bed with a naked man.

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My life was supposed to go like this: It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I strayed from that course and ended up, at 27, single old perilously close to losing my virginity every other week. Perhaps it was the day I received my college acceptance virgin from New York University.

My mother was terrified.