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Through the end of the year, BBC Capital is bringing back some of your favourite stories from It was week one of a new job with a computer start-up near Heidelberg in Germany.

I never break it would involve standing outdoors with colleagues, snowflakes falling on my bare skin.

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For me it was a seismic culture shock. In this northerly nation of nearly 5. Most companies have their own in-house sauna. Share your story with us here.

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Unlike Germany, where saunas are mixed, the Finnish tradition is that — outside the family circle — men and women visit the sauna separately. He and his team spend between one and three hours in the sauna each week and while they don't formally conduct meetings, they do talk about work and, sometimes, end up with good ideas to pursue back at their desks. Belgian Kristof Minnaert is now comfortable relaxing in the rooftop sauna with colleagues at game developer Remedy Entertainment in Helsinki Naked Kristof Sexiest footballer. When you go back inside you feel really revitalised.

Here, ex-presidents and other leading figures mingle in the nude with fellow sauna-goers and have the chance to jump off the pier and plunge into nude sea — even in winter, when a hole is sawn through the ice.