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Most Embarrassing Encounter A true story from my 20"s Men diary of a chubby, big booty white boy, using Craigslist to seek out and devour massive black dicks A boy"s gay journey that starts from the prison to his being kidnapped.

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He is nude by an insurgent and he falls in love with his benefactor. They plan to leave the country in search of greener pastures but the hurdles are more than they bargain for Following "Stevens hung" a chance dare leads me to find my other neighbour is well hung mennonite takes my anal cherry What you are about to read is purely fictitious.

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I am in no way an advocate of violence, rape, kidnapping or hate-speech. Having said that, I wanted to develop my characters as realistically as I could and they are a bit fucked up- Too say the least Married Sam goes for a bike ride secretly hoping to see outdoors activities and ends up naked and dominated by a hot stranger James a lost city folk finds himself in lost in the backyard of Chris, you figure out the rest Small time medical office teaches me how to be a gay ghanasexgallaries cock craving whore with therapy and medication This story is how years of training my hole pay off when I finally decide to be fucked.

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