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Watch our previous parades at www.

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This parade is dedicated to Jerry Garcia and his big family — people whose lives he touched and permanently changed, people whose hearts he healed through his music, his love and his magic. We will march to legalize psychedelic medicine in San Francisco and the rest of the world and to reclaim our birth rights — our rights to body freedom and freedom of the mind.

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Our minds and bodies are ours medicine no government has the right to nude how, when and where we should dress or undress and what we can or cannot ingest to liberate our minds and to communicate nude higher consciousness. Our parade is fully permitted by the SFPD. No one will be cited nor arrested.

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For titfuck facial goth minute changes and more info go to www. Our primary medicines are iboga microdosing and ibogaine treatments.

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Our results are phenomenal and unprecedented. Please go to our website and watch a 5-minute documentary about medicine healing work.

And please donate to our GoFundMe Campaign: