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Moms of Instagram fall into three categories. I am somewhere in the middle. My Instagram is public since I use it mainly for my business, but carefully scrubbed and censored when it comes to my kids.

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My Insta feed is a predictable scroll of yoga pants, motivational quotes, messy-bun selfies, juice-drinking selfies, and lot and lots of babies, bumps, and toddlers. But sexy liberian girls month, one picture made me audibly gasp and unfollow my friend. She has been going too far for my taste for years.

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But when nude posted a nude picture of her child, who was nearly 3 years old, that was it. There was never a time this gal showed any social media restraint regarding her child.

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Older are literally thousands of pictures of her kid online on her totally public accounts. But I draw the line at full-frontal nudity.

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Cute babies are amazing. Adorable toddlers make my day. Kitchen toddlers pooping in your kitchen are weird. I take my privacy seriously online.