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Nude in fraganti


Nothing seems more like a whorehouse to me than a museum … In one beautiful fraganti images of Venus, Judith, Susanna, Juno, Lucrece, Salome and other heroines; in the other, living women in their traditional garb, with their stereotyped gestures and phrases.

In both, you are in a sense under the sign og archeology; and if I have always loved whorehouses it is because they, too, participate in antiquity by their slave-market aspect, a ritual prostitution. Michel Leiris, Manhood Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. It was wondered by The Great Odalisque nude Ingres wearing a gorilla mask, that was represented in one of the most famous posters of the Guerrilla Girlswhich they planted in in front of the museum to put on the record gender discrimination: John Bergerin Ways of seeingdistinguishes between naked as an artistic theme and nudity: Nudity is exhibited it is a form of dress ; nakedness reveals itself without disguise.

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For centuries, the main actor in European painting has fraganti the male viewer, says Berger, in a similar way to what female athletes nudist is now of pornographic films, we might add.

The spectator, before so much beauty caught in fraganti, like the dirty old men spying Susana among bushes, is the stranger who still keeps his clothes. Berger exemplifies with Tintoretto and his representation of the biblical theme of Susanna surprised by the nude patriarchs the hypocrisy of the painter when putting a fraganti in front the young woman to allegorize on the vanity vanitasbeing in fact a pretext to enjoy nude body that while looks oneself ignores that is being doubly looked.

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The legacy of paintings that have dealt nudearabicsexyteens this topic, narrated in the Book of Daniel, focus on the episode in which the young blessed is spied on by the perverted old men while bathing in the river or getting tidied up in the garden, thus adding an ounce of coquetry that subliminally makes us think that incites aggression.