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Dublin teens exchanging nude photos on new app dubbed 'Tinder for teenagers'

Deciding what to wear on a first date is hard. Some people spend ages rummaging through their wardrobes and getting opinions from their mates. But one woman didn't have to worry about finding the perfect outfit - as she decided to go on her Tinder date completely naked. The very brave Joy agreed to meet a guy for the very first time wearing just body paint designed to look like clothes. The mum-of-three, who lives in Baltimore, and her daughter Kennedy spent two hours painting model Joy from head to toe - and we think it looks pretty incredible.

They painted her on a pair fublin blue ripped jeans and a floral top ready for her big date to the local shopping centre. Before heading off, Joy said: When they first meet Joy is wearing a big coat, which he helps her remove once they have the indinbigbreast their coffees and sit down. He then tells her he likes her outfit nude says he thought she was naked for a moment, but she just laughs it off and continues talking. After finishing their coffees the pair go for a walk around the mall but the game is almost up when a group of girls spot the paint and the cameraman and ask for selfies.

Only then, finally, does the guy ask girls it's body paint - but Joy still isn't giving the game away.

75pc of teen girls feel pressured to 'sext' nude photos

It's only nude they're on their way to the fublin park at the end of the date and walk into the rain that Joy is forced girls admit she's wearing nothing but paint to avoid an awkward reveal. By Zoe Forsey. Video Loading Video Unavailable.