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After giving a young ex-gang member, Marisol, a job at the factory and a chance for a new life, George is shocked when Angie takes further pity on Marisol and allows her to live in the Lopez home instead of with her abusive boyfriend.

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After impressionable Carmen becomes intrigued with Marisol's lifestyle, Angie admits that she may have nude a mistake. President George W. Bush comes to speak at Powers Brothers Aviation and everything becomes a mess. Jack wants George to cut his hair but George likes his hair the way it is.

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Benny has started dating a year-old man named Randy Nick Offerman without telling George. During the president's speech, Carmen comes to george factory and disrupts it.

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Sexybraporn the speech, George steals it from his desk. This results in the Secret Service coming to George's house to ask about the President's speech, but George doesn't admit to stealing it, but Jack forces George to cut his hair or scotitch milf will show the camera footage of George taking the speech.

George then returns to the factory, and the police arrest him for punching Manny.

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Vic's brother Octavio was supposed to leave Cuba, but Castro decided not to let lopez go.