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The sexual development of one child with Down syndrome is detailed from his infancy through his adolescence. This nude confronts society's often held notion that a person labeled with mental retardation is asexual, amoral, or immoral, and incapable of learning how to make reasoned decisions about his own sexual behavior.

It is written downsyndrome and from the perspective of his mother, a disabled disability advocate and a former special education teacher, but includes references to others who have had an impact on the choices that might have affected his sexual development.

Her son is quoted both from notes she has taken throughout his life and his memories in response to hearing the draft of this article read aloud at the age of nearly nineteen.

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As the single, adoptive parent of an adult child labeled with Down syndrome, I have noted since his infancy that friends, family, and society have nude sexoanalprimeravez right and capability to be a sexual being. This pervasive questioning has made me hesitate to raise my son as I would if he did not have his disability. I have always disagreed with those who believe that he could not make reasoned decisions about his sexuality believing that he could make such decisions if given adequate education and support.

I believe that sexuality is an integral ingredient to making us human and one of life's greatest joys and so I have tried to give my son the tools to make sexual decisions safely. I am committed to enabling my son to experience life to its fullest, including responsible, consensual, sexual behavior. This paper discusses the choices I have made in raising my son to be the sexual being he has become and the responses we received.

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My son is now nineteen and some common life experiences for people with disabilities have changed for the better over time, but too much remains the same. My son arrived in my life when he was four months old. He was born with Down syndrome and the effects of prenatal cocaine exposure and, downsyndrome, was diagnosed with failure to thrive.

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When he came to live with me, he did not explore his body as is common for most infants.