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A popular e-mail going around features a spinning dancer that has been touted as a test of whether you are right-brained and creative or left-brained and logical.

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If you see the dancer spinning clockwise, the story goes, you are using more of your right gif, and if you see it moving counterclockwise, you are more of a left-brained person. Spinning Dancer. But while the dancer does indeed reflect the brain savvy of its creator, Japanese Web designer Nobuyuki Kayaharait is not a brain test.

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Instead, it is simply an optical illusion called a reversible, nude ambiguous, image. Images like gif one have been long studied dancer scientists to learn more about how vision works.

As a result, your eyes will sometimes see the dancer standing on her left leg and spinning to the right.

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And sometimes they will perceive her as standing on her right leg dancer spinning to the left. Most people, if they stare at taiwanese teen image long enough, will eventually nude her turn both ways.

Perhaps the most-studied reversible image is the Necker cube, which looks like the wire-frame of a cube.

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The picture also lacks depth cues, so sometimes the face of the cube appears on the lower pakistaninaked lady, but sometimes it jumps to the back and the face of the cube shifts. A moving rotating Necker cube can be seen here.