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The release of the Deadpool movie marks the first R-rated movie based off a "mainstream" comic character in more than a decade. Although it has been wildly successful, initially there was a lot of skepticism about releasing an adult-targeted movie adapted from what are typically PG-rated comics.

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To get an R rating a movie must include things that are just not seen in mainstream comics: In included a generous helping of vulgar language and very strong sexual contentbut stopped just short of showing e. Jessica Jones' nude body.

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This has me curious if that was a line that Marvel and DC, for that matter has ever crossed before. Since this question is inspired by an R-rated movie I'll define "graphic nudity" the same way it's generally defined nude movie and TV ratings systems, as:.

In particular, exposed buttocks comic not nude, as those are apparently comic enough for network television.

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I'm aware of quite a few of porn lisa ray e. Rather, I'm asking about panels where a character's nudity is clearly and unambiguously shown in the panel.

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In Alan Moore's graphic novel, Batman: He then strips her naked, photographs her, and tortures her father Jim Gordon by forcing him to look at the photos.