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Nude bill maher

Naked in the Name of Mass Pet Slaughter.

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Bill Maher is a merciless bastard. And I say that with nude greatest respect. Lesser guys may be conned by righteous charlatans -- not Bill.

Bill Maher poses nude?

He's the one in the front row, shining a rude light on the emperor's flashed genitals. Lo, if you have stupid beliefs, Maher's going to haul your ass onto the Carpet bill Reason. Somehow Maher has decided that the one charismatic leader who ought not to be questioned -- after he's finished ripping Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha -- is Newkirk, the "animal rights" firebrand who insists that animals have no right to life. A woman whose organization is responsible for the pious butchery of 27, innocent pets.

These facts are not a matter of dispute: Nor is the truth all that obscure.

Has Bill Maher Been Sucked In by PETA's Naked Celebrities?

I've cute boys butts this in maher articles for the Huffington Post, but I am by no means the first: PETA's duplicity and viciousness have been widely reported by maher mainstream mediaand by committed activistsmany of them former PETA members. I don't expect blissed-out adolescents to do the research necessary to see through Newkirk's quackery, but yes: I do expect Bill Maher, scornful enemy of fraudulence, to do at least a nude bit of homework before endorsing an impostor.

For a man who prides himself on drinking no one's Kool-Aid, Maher's certainly developed a taste for Ingrid Newkirk's.