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Vietnamese photographer Thai Phien has finally been able to introduce his proud collection of nude photos to a wider public through an ongoing exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, after several years of careful preparation despite regulatory hindrances.

​First-ever nude photo exhibition by famed Vietnamese artist receives warm welcome

The artworks express respect and honor toward the beauty of women through the lens of the year-old photographer. Thai Phien even offers free soft drinks and parking to visitors to his exhibition, using money from his own pocket. While the display did not attract many visitors on its opening day, the crowd of audience got larger on Sunday. People of all ages, including students and the elderly, all spent a considerable amount of time youtuvesex the bold yet subtle and delicate artworks by the photography artist.

Most of the visitors to the exhibition recognized that Thai Phien's nude photography works contain high-quality art and do not leave any unesthetic, offensive impressions on the viewers. Nude pictures are everywhere on the Internet. But Thai Phien has emerged as the first artist in Vietnam who vietnames able to take nude photos that are beautiful and artistic enough to persuade regulators to allow them to be on public display. Thai Phien vietnames that beautiful exhibition is the sweet result of his ten-year effort to obtain a permit for nude nude photo display, highlighted by several failed attempts.

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Thai Phien has failed in two of his three attempts to obtain a permit to run his nude photo exhibition in the last ten years. Thai Phien said those failures have greatly discouraged him from initiating yet another permission-seeking process.

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However, the year-old photographer still hopes that more quality nude art exhibitions will continue to be introduced to the public, instead of being only known within the walls of photography associations.

Tea shops in Ho Chi Minh City serve as a place for youngsters to get away from the hustle and bustle of beautiful life.

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