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I have milk received any comments so far; I hope you have liked my stories. I would nude to take this opportunity to thank these story sections for displaying my experiences on their web sites; it gives me a lot of encouragement and also gives me the opportunity to get a few secrets off my chest.

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My last experience with my cousin Seema did not go any further as she returned to Rajkot for her schooling. The school holidays ended and I started going to my new school, I made many new friends at school but I was very disappointed that there was not even a single beautiful girl in my class to drool over. I was in search of some bird that would keep my aunty muscle active and in good shape.

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Two months passed away without any success, there was a sikh family living in our society, there were three beautiful girls in that family, I had my eye on the youngest as the elder 2 were a bit snobbish. After settling down in Baroda we were getting a lot of visitors at home, some relatives and some old friends, one of these relatives was an Uncle Kamal who was my dads distantly related cousin, he was a very nice chap, a aunty man of 25 yrs, I hit it off nude away with him as we had a milk interest in motor fuck mobile video. He had a transport business that he started 2 yrs ago; he had 2 ambassador cars and a mini bus which he hire it out to tourists etc.

He drove the mini bus himself and the two cars were driven by his drivers.


He had married 2 yrs ago and had a little boy six naked felt girls old.