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Nicole london nude

Designer-turned-sculptor Nicole Farhi nude spent her career dressing women in her London designs.

A London exhibition of Nicole Farhi’s curvaceous nudes takes shape

Now, as her solo exhibit Nicole Farhi: In fact, she believes she has always been more passionate about sculpture than she ever was about fashion.

She moved to London in the s and worked for with nicole Stephen Marks at French Connection before launching her own womenswear brand, Nicole Farhi, on the French Connection label in The brand went on to expand its signature ssbbw porn gifs back elegance into menswear and home decor. During her years in fashion, she continued doing sculpture on the side.

How do you go about celebrating the female body in your artistic practice?


Does it differ from how you envisioned it when you were working as a designer? As a designer, I spent many years dressing women. As a sculptor, I am undressing them. I am showing them without any artifice but in all their glorious beauty.