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New sexy anorexic

Thighs gap are the new sexy anorexic trend | NewsActivist

When I was a teenager, the doctor was able to label me anorexic because I fit into a certain set of criteria. I was anorexic because I:.

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Refused "to maintain weight at a minimal normal level for height and age, such that the body weight is 15 per cent below that expected for the individual's height and age".

Had "a distorted notion of body shape and image", such that I "continued to complain of feeling fat even at a very low weight". I was no longer just a teenage girl playing with her food; I was now in a completely different territory.

In post-pubescent anorexics, weight loss can be a physical manifestation of the rejection and fear of growing up. During puberty, the body changes.

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In girls, body fat increases to provide the tissue for fertility and menstruation. Anorexia forcibly stops this growth and reverses sexy the body slides back new a pre-pubescent state. Physically, the anorexic is stating that she doesn't want to be, or look like, an priceless nude mom. In my case, at 18, I suddenly didn't feel right about the impending adult changes in my life.

Thighs gap are the new sexy anorexic trend

Soon I'd be leaving home and going to university. I felt new would be no going home anorexic my own bed, in my own home, where I had lived all my life with my brother and sisters and my anorexic and dad.

I felt like things were moving and growing, and I wasn't sure Sexy was ready to grow with them.