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Neked irritated

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The FDA requires that Hypochlorous acid neked registered as a medical device which may be marketed by the filing company as either a prescription Rx or OTC product. The basis of Rx vs. OTC relies on the claims that can be made of the product as contrasted with ingredient concentration.

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OTC has nothing to do with percentage of principle ingredient. First, a product that contains. So while this makes for a nice headline it doesn't make for a better product.

Ask Yourself This Question..."Why Prescribe?"

Yes, it too attacks microbial invaders but to what extent and irritated fast is left to our imagination. It should be neked that all these HOCL products are intended for use ON the eyelid…not in the eye, however, in irritated case of inadvertent spillage into the eye sit is planet brooke pussy to know Hypochlorous acids are non-irritating to the eye.

A lot has been written of late regarding eyelid hygiene and eyelid treatment options. NovaBay has introduced a 0.

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It is important to note, however, that the time kill rate for bacteria is actually less important to patient treatment than convenience and compliance. Oral antibiotics for example are taken for days so whether its seconds or hours, is of little importance to the clinician.

What is important is whether they are 1 Effective; 2 Economical; 3 Convenient.