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Trisha Illana Nayanthara English: The film features G.

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This film had positive reviews. Nayanthra travelling by train, Jeeva G. Prakash Kumar tells the ticket collector why he left his home and is travelling to Kumbakonam. When Jeeva was born, he was born together with two other girls - Aditi Manisha Yadav and Ramya Anandhi - due to the shortage of room in the hospital.

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Jeeva is close to his uncle Vishu VTV Ganesh and asks for his advice every time he has problems with girls. The three of them grew up together since a young age. When they are studying chelsea channel nude in higher secondary, Nayanthra leaves to Bangalore sex a week.

During this time, Ramya and Jeeva fall in love.

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Jeeva is afraid about proposing to Ramya, whereas Ramya proposes to Jeeva, and he accepts. That night, Ramya visits Jeeva, and both romance while roaming sex the city. The next day, Jeeva reveals to his friend accidentally without his make out session with Ramya.