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When Mark Haskell Smith joined a naturist cruise, he was alarmed by the brazen display of saggy, baggy and dangly bits. So, heavy did a 'cottontail' cope amid those bronzed bottoms? And why were his breast 'nakationers' gawping at his manhood? Heavy he said, " Naturist announcement was still reverberating through breast ship when the scrotum airing began in earnest; shorts and shirts dropped to the ground and penises dangled in the south Florida sun.

Permission had been granted.

Now buttocks could swing from side to side with no restrictions, and breasts — finally released from the prison of blouse and brassiere — burst into the open, to be caressed by soft tropical breezes. We were naked old dad a boat.

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One thousand, eight hundred and sixty-six naturist living the "anti-textile" dream. Not that some of them weren't almost nude before the cruise director gave the all clear. Many were in various states of undress, itching to toss their clothes aside.

A skeletal man in his eighties wandered around the ship wearing only a fluorescent thong, his loose skin draped around his bones in cascades that looked like freckled frosting, and a gigantic, barrel-chested man — he looked like he'd eaten an actual barrel — lumbered around the lido deck on an industrial-strength cane, wearing only a loincloth. A few people soaked in Jacuzzis, surreptitiously slipping out of their swimsuits, while the less rebellious sat by the pool, looking somewhat forlorn, waiting for the green light.

These were nudists, after all.

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