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Naturalist nudity

The difference between nudist and naturist

Whether it's the more scientific questions around where the polar bears in Antarctica are or why there are no penguins in the European Arctic, there is usually a pretty clear and concise answer. Read more: Why are there no penguins in the Arctic? However, one of questions that will certainly turn a few heads is if you ask who nudity naturists on the voyage are.

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While we're not in the business of judging what people do at home, it's a nudity assumption that we will never have an active naturist on board the Polar Pioneer. It's probably a little cold, if you know what we mean ;-!

Naturalist vs naturist - What’s the difference?

However, you'll always find a naturalist on board our small ship expeditions. If naturalist not quite sure what the difference is, here's a simple explanation of the difference between a naturalist and naturist.

Known as a nudist or sun worshipper, naturists are people who go naked in designated areas. Across Australia, there are numerous beaches, maori chicks fucked and other areas where naturists can let it all go — away from the eyes naturalist the public, of course. For obvious reasons, we don't allow practising naturists to go nude on the Polar Pioneer.