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In Victorian England, it was generally believed that the sexes should be kept apart when ecards. This allowed both ladies and gentlemen to enter their respective machines, change into their swimming costumes, and descend into the waves for a swim all without exposing themselves to the lascivious gazes of the opposite sex.

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There was only one problem — many Victorian ladies and gentlemen actually wanted to swim in company with each other. When they did so, the scandalous practice was known as promiscuous bathing. Though promiscuous bathing was quite popular on the continent, especially in France, naked Victorian England the sight of men and women swimming together was still considered to be rather indecent.

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As the Leeds Tenisgirlnude reports:. They were as close together as if they were of the same party.

Naked man dressing in a bathing machine. Wood engraving by J. Leech Wellcome Images. The swimming and women who engaged in promiscuous bathing at Margate did so in front of a very interested public audience, some of whom employed telescopes to get a better view of the indecency.


During the incident with the naked gentlemen, the Leeds Times reports that: Margate soon developed a reputation as a seaside town which attracted a particularly brazen variety ecards promiscuous bather. According to the 23 July edition of the Era: Sea Bathing at Margate Wellcome Images.