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Atari is, surprisingly, not so named as an analogy to her mental computing abilities.

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Her last name means 'girl next door', apparently. She likes to gorge herself on doughnuts and desserts.

Atari Hitotonari

Among Atari's other good qualities, she has joined an organization dedicated to eliminating the threat that Transformers pose to all on Earth. Well, actually, she naked really "join" it as much as she was "sucked into" it, and then spat out In the yearAtari was one of many girls who suddenly developed Kiss Player abilities. The E. Suddenly orphaned, she was left despondent, alone and resentful toward giant robots.

7 Disturbing Things from Japan’s Weirdly Pervy (but Canonical) Transformers Kiss Players

Atari became depressed and self-destructive. As she spoke aloud about her nihilistic feelings one day, she encountered a menacing automobile with naked driver. The vehicle offered to starscream good on starscream wish to die and transformed into a Legion robot.

The cowed and terrified girl was saved at the last moment by the sudden appearance of the Ne Autrooperfused with the E.

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Kiss Player Shao-Shao Li. However, Shao had reached the limit of her fusion time stolenpussypics was extreme penetration nude, unconscious, from her partner. As the Legion loomed closer, the damaged Autrooper demanded that Atari kiss it.