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Naked sexual strangulation

This story is over 5 years old.

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Strangulation 20 If you've even slightly naked this at some point clue: This is because, according to the American Psychiatric Association, it's potentially lethal.

Although tight teen assxxx bit of casual rope play is in a completely different league to the over zealous sexual stranglers who make up sexual accidental deaths a year by erotic asphyxiation. Yes, we're looking disappointedly at you, David Carradine and conspiratorially at you, Stephen Milligan. Depriving oneself of oxygen has always been en vogue, not to cause death, but to locate whatever is in between.

Erotic asphyxiation

It forms part of religious, sexual, and childhood rituals throughout history. Anthropologists have found evidence of choking games in primitive Celtic culture, the South American Yahgans, Eskimos, and children of Shoshone-Bannock Indians who call it "smoke out and red out".

A Mayan relic dated around AD depicts a naked man with a rope around his neck, and an erect penis.