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Naked school party

In the beginning of the film, Nat and Alex are talking about how school ended three months ago.

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They don't want school explain it, so they ask the audience if they want to go three months in the past in their "Time Machine". They try to go back in time making strange noises, but they're still in the present because the audience didn't believe, so they try again, and are taken three months into the past.

It is the final few days of school at Amigos Elementary, and the Naked Brothers Band start their tour at the year-end Masquerade Party.

Everyone At This Dorm Room Party Gets Naked And Fuck

The theme of the party is "Superheroes", and Nat and Alex don't know who to be. Alex finds the Batman costume, which means that Nat is a sidekick.

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Nat and Alex change their minds many times, and don't care what hero they are, as long as they're more powerful than one another, but Nat just wants to be more powerful than Rosalina. Then, Jesse remembers that Rosalina's prom is the same night as the Masquerade, so she won't be going to the Masquerade.

Sidekicks (The Naked Brothers Band)

Rosalina says that she doesn't want to go to the prom because it isn't her dream. The head of the prom committee, Patrice Johnston Sarah Livingstonbumps into Nat and Rosalina's conversation and tells them to naked cool, because the most popular boy school high school, senior Wade Kilgannon Mark Party Keithis walking over to the colombian bbw pics school doors. Patrice gets very naked, because she thought that Wade was coming over to ask her to the prom.

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Meanwhile, Thomas and David are thinking of pranks to pull on Principal Schmoke Tim Draperand Qaasim is running away from four girls az girls naked he asked to the Masquerade Party, who all said yes, and have no idea about the others.

Jesse comes in for practice with her sisters, Bessy and Tessy, as well as three other sisters who are really The Adorable Timmerman Brothersfor the new director, Wing's, vision about the tour having dancing girls. Rosalina comes in late for practice visibly upset because she went party for her dress.