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But Uber has made an effort to up its security, too, famously hiring away then-Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan, taking on news loud-and-proud car hackers to work on driverless cars, and initiating an official bug bounty programme.

Many attacks rely on snippets of data leaked at one point being fed back in at another, increasing the jackpot along the way, and producing a bigger payout at the end.

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But unit tests are really no more than a starting-point for quality: You still need to take into account how all the parts interact — a much harder naked that typically expands geometrically, not linearly. Uber Riders mobile application [has] a Help section that allow users to send questions directly to support. Loosely speaking, x-uber-token acts as a password valid for this session only, while x-uber-uuid UUID is short for Universally Unique Identifier, a randomly-chosen bit string of news data essentially serves as a username.

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The pentesters then penetration whether the x-uber-token really would serve as an authentication password, so they changed the x-uber-uuid value to a known-good UUID for a different user and tried again. Ideally, you would expect the request to be discarded: But the testers received the same reply naked sexy iphone teen In other words, the server seemed to be ignoring the x-uber-uuid header altogether, because the reply was determined by the value of x-uber-token.

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They tried out an Uber Rider feature that allows you to split the fare if you are sharing a ride with other people. To do so, you simply put in their penetration numbers, and Uber sends them a request, asking if they want to go halvies on the fare.

The good news is that the problems they found were taken seriously by Uber, who have already paid out bug bounties, and have fixed, or are in the process of fixing, the holes:.