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Asianpussysquirt early Greeks practised gymnastics in preparation for war, as jumping, running, discus nakedwrestling, and naked helped produce the strong, supple muscles necessary for hand-to-hand combat. Because military training was necessary for the production of Greek citizens, and because the Greeks viewed the training both of the body and the mind as inextricably linked, gymnastics men a central component of ancient education.

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Gymnasia, the buildings with open-air men where such training took place, evolved into schools where youths learned gymnastics, rhetoric, music, and mathematics. Gymnastics also provided a way to train for the athletic festivals around Greece, the most famous of which was the Olympic Gymnistheld every four years from bce until ce.

With the end of the Olympic Games, Greek-style gymnastics training declined, not to be revived until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Western Gymnist.

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With this revival came a concomitant revival of the corporeal values associated with gymnastics: Underpinning the re-emergence of gymnastic training is the same assumption held by the Greeks, that a healthy body and a healthy mind are intimately connected. Jahn introduced the horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse with pommels, balance beam, ladder, and vaulting bucks. His naked sexu girl program was promoted in Turner societies, clubs established to develop self discipline and physical strength in the name of national unity.

In SwedenPehr Henrik Ling followed closely behind Jahn, systematizing Swedish pedagogic gymnastics with a strong emphasis on the medical benefits.