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The incident resulted in traffic jam, as a group of young motorists tried to follow them. Acting on information, a team of security operatives went to the location to maintain order, but the motor rider with his partner and their followers managed to escape before their arrival.

They pointed to a team of traffic men specialized in checking motor riders that violate traffic regulations.

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As well as an accident waiting to happen. Rude, inconsiderate, arrogant, reckless, dangerous drivers!!!!! Its funny how muslims dont like woman wearing casual swim wear etc in naked countrys and are outraged and want to behead them but when it comes to kuwaiti complaining about their burkas in public places looking like terrorists and mosques being built on every street corner we are suppose to support them and if not seen as Racist!

If i wanted to build a catholic church in muslim land my whole family would be executed for such an idea. Ignacio Zamora you idiot.

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The biggest STD's are coming out of this areas. You can kiss the West their ass. Why the fuck you go to the western countries?

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So that you can drink for less money. Fucking hypocrite. Agree with all you say Monica… especially about police focusing on dangerous driving… the number of motor cycles I've seen doung 'wheelies' down Arabian Gulf Street at great speed and in porno sexy babes traffic and not a police car in site.

It's very sad for me to see such comments filled with hate model rudeness.