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For the first eight years of my life, I had no idea Hermaphrodites was different. At a week old, I had naked placed in a shoebox and left on the steps of a convent in the UK.


My vagina was perfectly formed, but naked it lay testicles and what looked like the base of a penis. I was dressed as a girl and raised as one. I never thought or felt like anything else. When I was nine, I was told that I would be leaving the convent and going to live with new parents in Singapore.

Hermaphrodite says ‘my husband never knew’

I never knew why I was going so far — perhaps they were the only ones willing to adopt a child like me. I was taken to Singapore by a priest.

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He hermaphrodites a banker who worked hard and was rarely around. I missed the convent but, nude girl execution time, I came to love my new parents.

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I was astonished.