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Every semester at Harvard University, students take ebony virgin cunt clothes off.

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The event is called Primal Screamand it happens on midnight before the first day of final exams. As the hour approaches, there is a palpable buzz in the central quad, the Harvard Yard.

Primal Scream (Harvard)

Students gather in various states of undress: A whiff of alcohol scents the air. At the stroke college midnight, the crowd of nude naked runs a harvard around the Yard. The event is greeted with a certain nostalgic indulgence, a college tradition—and Harvard College at that.

The future leaders of tomorrow, the reasoning goes, have to blow off some steam.

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The young black man was tackled to the ground by four Cambridge Police Department policemen in the middle of a Harvard Square intersection. He was beaten once he was down, punched five times in the stomach. Blood was left on the ground.