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Naked guitarist

Guitarist latest extremely limited variation on a theme dreamed up by a middle-aged record label exec in need of some fresh thrills after his wife ditched him for a hench personal trainer from Potters Bar comes courtesy of Avril Lavigne.

A nude direction: why is Avril Lavigne posing naked with a guitar?

Now 34 years old, the Sk8er Woman is expressing her maturity naked appearing on the cover of Head Above Water, her first album in five years, in moody black and white, like a Camden High Street busker as directed by Fellini.

Stripping off, jumping in a large puddle and strategically manoeuvring her body behind an acoustic guitar, we can see neither nipples nor pudenda but plenty of leg, a smidge of sideboob and a Brigitte Bardot bouffant.

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On the flipside, the most demure version comes thanks to the delicate whisper guitarist a skirt that Liz Phair has draped over her thigh as she assumes the position on the cover of her self-titled album.

A nakedbrazilian ass so scandalous, it led to her being fired from her job as a school cello teacher.


So what does this particular pose mean? A number of things, actually, none of them particularly heartening. All of which means that the patriarchy is still winning. Naked those guys. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.