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Asian Entertainment Gillian. By PhY pHy on Apr 30, at 5: Ex-employee of management company claims: And just when the smile came back on Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung's face, comes another shock. It seems her ordeal of being photographed eight months ago while changing was a set-up.

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A former senior management personnel from her management company, Emperor Entertainment Group, has claimed that the entire fiasco was staged to create publicity for Gillian, who is one half of Hong Kong's Cantopop duo Twins. The person was identified only as Mr.

Gillian Chung Naked Photos: Media Company Fined

L by the Hong Kong media. Last August, Hong Kong gossip naked Easy Finder weekly splashed a photo of Gillian changing on its cover, with the headline 'AhGill undoes bra consenting sex rear window'. The pictures were allegedly shot by paparazzi with a pinhole camera during a Twins concert in Genting Chung, Malaysia.

The incident sparked a furor in the entertainment industry where celebrities rallied against paparazzi for their unethical conduct.

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