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We'd only just got settled naked our favourite nudist beach when xxxboyandgirlvideo both noticed the gigantic dick attached to a man of about thirty-five. He hadn't gone ten yards past us before we both realised he was the same bloke we'd seen on the beach last year.

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There's a story there if you're interested, we were walking in the surf last year when this bloke walks past with the biggest dick we'd ever seen and we're talking seven or eightr inches soft here and at least two inches thick. Any way we said hello as we past, smiled and nodded as we past a second time. Later in the day we naked discussing the people we'd seen and Susan mentioned this chap in the surf. I said the one with the goatee beard and dicks you believe she hadn't noticed he had one!

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Shallow or what. So there we were, both realising this monstrous dick was the same one, Susan never forgets a dick and I'm pretty good with faces so donkey us we were sure.

Giving him a decent start we decided to follow to get a donkey look. We past each other several times paddling in the cold sea.

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As last year we said hello and commented on the cold water. Dicks unable to take her eyes from his tackle and he appreciative of her full breasts and slim waist.

Or was he simple regarding my inferior equipment, who knows.