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The male celebrities who agreed to get their gear off as part of Channel 7's All New Monty came up with a unique way to ass casting know each other better.

Before they met in person, the stars set up a WhatsApp group to discuss rehearsal times. But as Matty J told news.

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I honestly have no idea. The penis in question belonged to NRL star George Burgess who posted it in the WhatsApp group as a way of introducing naked to the others.

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Some of the other stars followed in Burgess' footsteps and shared a photo of themselves, but not everyone was willing to bare all. The former Bachelor star said he discovered during the group's first rehearsal that the celebrities from sporting backgrounds naked much more willing to get their gear off than the stars. After weeks of rehearsals, the day stars came for the TV special to be filmed at Sydney's Enmore Theatre in front of thousands of screaming fans.

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I was looking around but no one was covering assuie up. It felt like we were standing there for hours. Eventually they had to usher us off stage. The male celebs aren't just stripping for the sake assuie it.