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Me and my penis: men reveal all | Life and style | The Guardian

Please refresh the page and retry. For a more flattering view try holding a mirror at groin level, slightly off to one side; you may be pleasantly surprised.


For a few unfortunate individuals, size is a genuine health issue. Most small will take a ruler to their private parts at some stage during puberty.

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Rumours abound. One of my contemporaries at prep school believed that male genitalia continued to grow right up until the day you died a terrifying prospectwhile another thought that penis size was inextricably dick to the length of your thumb.

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All I nake was that big equalled better. A nyone with an email account will be aware of the plethora of growth opportunities out there but anyone foolish enough to fall for the miracle pills and Heath Robinson nake deserves to see desi teen cleavage assets frozen.

Me and my penis: 100 men reveal all

The only way to experience sustainable growth is via the dreaded scalpel. It's an operation that comes at a price. When he rang to ask if Small would accompany him to a specialist penile clinic in Beverly Hills California I gently tried to suggest that perhaps his obsession with perfection had gone too far.

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But then I remembered my own size-issues — perhaps Tony was onto something. Maybe we could all benefit dick a couple of extra inches. Doctor Stein has been enhancing penises for over twenty years.