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Well, as long time watchers know, wales pussy health issues and injuries has really knocked the wind out of my sails, and it has set me back both personally and professionally. Been a real struggle to get back into stride and find my mojo again.

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Prolonged absence for releasing regular images here as also been a side effect. Milla has suffered the most, despite being 'mostly done' but she still girl been properly packaged up for commercial release. So I have this personal project going, just started, to try and get myself back up to speed at kerala cocks pic mentally, and since that chrisryder refuses to let me have his close to perfect Elf GirlI have started to make my own.

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This is a very very very early version 0. Elf is just using Ana's material files atm, with eyes provided by a MR I have, so no custom work bar 'initial' figure shaping yet.

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Want her lithe and limber, similar to Ana, but maybe will reduce her height yet undecided but she kinda looks good to me physically now. I want to do a fair bit more to her face yet however, but nake this is a free time project it may come slowly unless I get the inspiration back I need to charge along with all projects again. She is unanmed at this point as well, though have a couple of candidates I will be stealing from some of my old elf character names.

Image has issues, yes, was done locally and not on render farm, so time limits apply, I cant tie this box up much with rendering, finding issues and girl doing the image, but eventually she will be properly set up to go to the big box. I ended up merging her original scene with another, so some dForce elements needed to be tweaked without having to do nake full simulation again, which may result in some clipping issues here and there.