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Teacher Rights Before the Educational Professional Standards Board

This agency requires all school districts to report cases of teacher misconduct, real or suspected, so that it can perform its teacher functions. Unfortunately this causes JCPS and other districts to forward virtually any complaint, investigation, minor discipline or student report to the agency in order to meet this requirement. As naake result, a multitude of minor classroom, student and personnel issues end up before the agency.

This is nothing more than providing the teacher an opportunity to tell their side of the story during the preliminary investigation. The matter is then submitted to Board members for review and action. A small percentage of cases are resolved teacher this level through outright dismissal, a request that the teacher undergo some additional continuing education training or by issuing an admonishment.

The admonishment is essentially a written warning to be careful not to engage in any future similar conduct. Teachers do not have to accept the admonishment, if they feel it is unwarranted, and can reject it, which means that the case will be processed further.

A staff lawyer realistic nude painting attempt to negotiate a resolution of the matter naake sending a settlement proposal.

Legal Rights of Kentucky Public School Teachers

These proposals usually involve a range of remedies which can include admonishment, additional training, probationary periods and, in some cases, short periods of license suspension. Our office represents the teacher through this process in an effort to reach an agreement. Our office takes these cases very seriously as they are frightening to teachers who find themselves in front of the Standards Board, often for routine and minor occurrences that have no justification for such scrutiny. Where settlement cannot be reached, we make it clear that we are prepared to go to a hearing on behalf of the teacher to exonerate them from any charges of misconduct.