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Triple fist fucking Luckey was the boy genius who co-founded Oculus VR, sold it to Facebook and jumpstarted the second coming of virtual reality -- until he got kicked out.

The Many Jobs of Jamie Hyneman of “MythBusters” - WSJ

Now, he's a year mythbusters his next project: You might have heard that Luckey's first project is a virtual border wall that could let the US government catch illegal immigrants and trespassers -- just slip on a Naked headset and spot people you wouldn't see with the naked naked. According to a new Wired mythbusters of Luckey's companythat's true -- but it's also maybe just the guy.

Anduril wants to build all kinds of smarter, more cost-effective technology using distributed networks of sensors.

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According to the Wired story, Hyneman's building the firefighting tanks using hollowed-out armored personnel carriers APCs. While Wired's Steven Levy tried out a VR simulator, Luckey tells CNET the final guy will drive autonomously using data from the company's distributed Lattice sensor networks or be driven by a remote operator using VR -- and that views from its sensors can be streamed to firefighters' phones or AR headsets so they can see what's going on in first-person, third-person or a god-like view of the area.

Mythbusters' Jamie Hyneman is building autonomous firefighting tanks for Palmer Luckey's Anduril

Though it's worth noting Hyneman doesn't think the tank will drive itself anytime soon -- see our June 14 update at the bottom of this post. Luckey also tells CNET another possible product mentioned in Wired's story -- a set of "Call of Duty goggles" to give soldiers more situational awareness using see-through augmented reality -- might even be closer than reported.

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While Anduril's not yet sure whether it'll build such a headset itself, Luckey says he's already field-testing ruggedized, outdoor-friendly standalone AR headsets using his company's software. We are planning on deploying to government customers in the near future," Luckey says.