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Muscle bound woman

By Watsamon Tri-yasakda Oct.

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While the world pushes an increasingly narrow norm for body beauty, some women are pushing back hard with their ripped quads, delts and abs. Ten ripped women gathered to compete in the Sport Expo Model Physique Contest on Friday, and we were there to meet them.

Muscle-bound woman beats up man and punches him repeatedly in the head in shocking footage

Despite facing media ideals of women as anorexic, cartoon teens, more women in Thailand have embraced physiques muscle by bodybuilding, a practice once considered a Western curiosity. Competitions for women began about eight years ago.


Think of the national pastime of beauty pageants focused only on figure and form. And the only talent contest is decided by how much work woman put into toning your physique.

Power and sexuality infuse their femininity in physique contests which look for women with the best symmetry and shape, muscle bound, poise and beauty.

Muscle Bound Women Who Can't Get Dates

Most of these women hold normal jobs, where their incredibly fit and toned bodies may go unnoticed. Elena Vorobyeva, 30, works in a travel agency on Koh Samet. From left: You must be logged in as a Coconuts User to comment.

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