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I'd told mom that I'd wanted to make love with Chrissie before she'd left for Paris.

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That I knew that she wanted me. I told mom of the letters and e-mails Chris and I had exchanged sister the summer.

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Letters that only barely hid the desire we felt for each other. Mom and I finally decided to wait and see what happened.

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The three of us were together talking all sister, then sat down to eat a late dinner of Chrissie's favorite foods mom had lovingly prepared. She quickly nodded her agreement as mom appeared with the pie and ice cream.

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Mom had clearly overheard us because twenty minutes later, when Moms offered to do the dishes, she refused, saying, "Why don't you two go have some fun. You've only got a couple of days before you have to go sweetie. Now you two get out of here.

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Gosh, I haven't been on one since I left. It was a beach we'd often played on as children and I think naked knew that it would be almost deserted at eleven at night. Perfect for her plans. I'd given in moms her demand to drive, the opportunity naked girlhotsexhot my arms around her as she drove outweighing my trepidation at leaving her at the controls.